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    Todd Kersey


    We have the pro slider Version, all parts seem to be working and have worked in the pass. Here’s a sample page of our slider. http://ioutdoor.com/fishing/florida/fort-pierce/

    The problem is in the admin, under slider output> Publish> Display in dynamic areas:

    On this sample page above it displays ONLY with a check next to “Below Header”
    We use to be able to use “Above posts” option?

    If we choose “above post” nothing shows, if we check both it only shows “below post” only.

    Any suggestion would kindly be appreciated….




    The default “Above posts loop” slider publishing will work only if a valid posts loop is found in your page. I’m assuming that you are displaying posts using a shortcode. If the shortcode doesn’t implement the loop this method won’t work.

    The “Below header” option works because you implemented the dynamic area into your theme so it displays the slider. My suggestion would be to use the slider shortcode to display the slider exactly where you need it into your page.

    If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know, thank you.


    Todd Kersey

    Thanks a million for the response…here’s a clear picture at what’s happening. We are using pages exclusively.

    Here’s a screenshot to better explain what we need, the problem with the shortcode is that it doesn’t go max width because of the sidebar. And because of the forty plus sliders the PHP code won’t work for each page.

    Hopefully we’re missing something, be sure to look at the screenshot and I am happy to get you more screenshots or admin access.



    Ah, I think I understand. The “Below header” functionality is provided only if you enter the code for the dynamic area into your theme source code template files. The code can be found under plugin menu “Dynamic areas”.

    My best guess is that you updated the theme and you weren’t using a child theme to make this modification to your theme and you lost your changes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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