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    Ethan W.

    Hi there. I love your plugin! However, I don’t want it to display on the homepage of my site- just the blog page and other content pages. How can I limit the floating menu to display only on specific pages? Thanks so much!



    I’m sorry but this feature is not implemented. It’s a good suggestion though, next update will definitely have this, thank you.


    Evan B.

    icedub, try using the plugin “Plugin Organizer”. From there you can disable the float menu plugin on specific pages. Not exactly convenient but does work.

    Constantin! I LOVE this plugin as well!! Thank you for creating it! I REALLY wish there was an option to make multiple menus for specific pages. Is there a way? I don’t mind changing the code if there is. I didn’t have too much of a problem with it, but for those who hardly know CSS it may be helpful to add functions to positioning as well. Not everyone may want their menu on the far left or right.

    Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon!


    Phillip Wesley-Brown

    @Evan B.

    Thanks for the tip on “Plugin Organizer” sorted me out. Cheers


    Chris S.

    Ok! You have to use TWO plugins.

    1) Install this one, and then install “Per Page Custom Menus and Featured Posts IntelliWidget”.

    2) In wordpress, go to Appearance > Menus.

    3) Under ‘Manage Locations’, make sure to not select a default menu for the ‘CodeFlavors Floating Menu’. It will stay blank and not display ANYTHING no matter what page you are on.

    4) Now we control what menu you use for the ‘CodeFlavors Floating Menu’ on each page that we want to use this floating menu. Thus, on each page you want to use their floating menu, you will just select to override it with a different menu that you created.

    5) On the page/post you want to use the menu, you see the section for ‘IntelliWidget Profiles’. Use these settings.

    Use Profiles From: This Form
    Click “Add New Profile”
    Check Override Check Box
    Parent: Unassigned
    In “General Settings” …
    -> IntelliWidget Type: Nav Menu
    -> Everything else can be blank
    Menu Location: /*select the menu you want to use. You created it in Appearance > Menu”*/
    Click “save Settings”

    Click Update on your page/post.

    BOOM!!!! Got ya figured out!
    I use this to have a floating menu, where the menu references anchors on the page so people can just jump to the anchors constantly.



    @chris S.
    Thank you for posting the solution.

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