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    Ryan T.

    Hi there I am trying to create a 300x300px sidebar slider to display a marque of images that each have their own clickable links to effectively advertise pages of another website.

    I am running into a problem as I want to use the Cristal slider theme, but it seems the bottom container/controller is way too large at 300×300 so that I only see a sliver of the bottom of my images. To prove this I edited the Cristal colour scheme and added Red as the slideshow Container colour. When updated my sidebar slider was now Red for the bottom 85% and the image took up the last little bit at the top.

    I have played around with slider sizing and media sizing and nothing seems to help. When I use the Nivo slider theme with all of the text/title functions switched off, I get my full 300×300 image displayed, which makes me think it must be the slider control size, but I can’t seem to change this and don’t know how to edit the CSS (and don’t really want to!)




    Please try the following: in slider edit screen, Slider output meta box (bottom page) go to tab Layout. Next, change Font size setting from 100% to 50-60%. This will resize the controls.

    Please let me know if this works, thank you.


    Ryan T.

    Hi Constantin, thank you for your reply; I had already tried that at multiple percentages down to 10%, but have just tried again at 50 and 60% and it’s still not working.

    kind regards,




    Can you please give me a link where I can see this? Lowering the font size from slider settings should work but can also be affected by theme styles.

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