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    Stacey Tisdale

    I have Pro on 2 sites and one is working okay. On the other site, the featured image is displaying on the post, above the post title and content.




    Can you please give me a link where I can see this? Thank you.


    Stacey Tisdale


    I don’t think it’s the plugin doing something wrong. The address that you sent is a single post that doesn’t have any sliders in it. FA doesn’t put anything into your post content, it uses a custom field to store custom slide description (if any) and only modifies content that appears into its slides.
    Can you please confirm that the post doesn’t have the image placed into the content?


    Stacey Tisdale

    It has an image, but not that image. The slider is not set to display on posts, but it is set to display posts (under a featured article category). It is set for the home page only.


    Stacey Tisdale

    The image being improperly displayed on the post is set as the featured image only.



    I noticed you have the slider on homepage but that shouldn’t have anything to do with this. As I mentioned above, actual post content isn’t modified by the plugin.
    I can take a look if you can allow me temporary access to your website. You can open a private support ticket to exchange details, thank you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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