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    itsme Y.

    HI there

    I am using the latest WordPress and your plugin. I have a Vimeo Plus account. I have created an app and it is authorized to access my private videos – all seems good.

    However, the silly thing that I can’t find, how to import my private videos using your plugin? 🙂 It must be trivial, but I can’t find a way to do it. All my videos are private and are part of Vimeo projects and albums.


    Plugin API and License View:

    The plugin has access to your private videos. {Remove authorization credentials}
    By removing the authorization credentials you won’t be able to query your private videos anymore.

    Your Vimeo keys are successfully installed. {Reset credentials}
    You can now query public videos on Vimeo and import them as WordPress posts.




    It looks like you granted plugin access from the view you described. To import your private videos simply go to “Import videos” and into the query field enter your Vimeo username. Here are more details about this:

    Single video import
    Manual bulk import
    Automatic import

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


    itsme Y.

    Thanks. Got it. Please add the following in a post.

    Anyone reading this thread, please do the following.

    1. Make sure that your plugin has access to your private videos.
    2. Go to Videos -> Import Videos
    3. Choose “User uploads” from dropdown menu, and in the “enter Vimeo user” field, enter your Vimeo user id. Please note that your vimeo user id is a 8 digit or longer number located under Account -> General -> Top-left corner (Joined, **User ID**, Membership).

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