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    stefano V.

    Great plugin.
    However, as you can see yourself, FA Lite does not seem responsive on mobile devices.
    Please check these two pages:
    How can I solve these issues?




    From what I see in your pages, this is related to the font size. In your website styling, there’s this:

    div#fa-slider-1651.fa-slideshow.fa_slider_simple.dark div.fa_slide.current div.fa_slide_content h2 {
    font-size:35px; color:white !important; margin: 10px 0px 50px 0px; line-height:50px !important}

    div#fa-slider-1651.fa-slideshow.fa_slider_simple.dark div.fa_slide div.fa_slide_content div.description p {

    I’m guessing this is a customization you tried. Given that you set absolute values in pixels, the text goes outside the container on small screens. You could try and enable the slider resize setting which will resize the slider according to its content.
    You can find it in slider edit screen, panel Slider output, tab Layout, option Allow height resize. Just check it, save the slider and see if this solves the problem.

    Please let me know, thank you.


    stefano V.

    Thanks for your feedback. I did what you suggested, but the problem has not been solved. Should I rather change something in my CSS?


    stefano V.

    Hello. Did you check my last message?
    As you can see, when you hold a smartphone in vertical position, the text gets stretched above and below top ab bottom margins and the image gets too narrow. I think it would look much better if the text went automatically on top of the image, so that both of them would almost keep the same proportions.



    Hi Stefano,

    Sorry for the delay. We will need to update this plugin into the near future to make it support all screen sizes correctly and implement new features. Unfortunately, right now there’s not much I can help you with, if the changes I suggested don’t work I’m afraid I can’t do anything else to help, sorry about this.

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