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    dainis michel

    i’ve created a website to honor my father

    8 – 1989 Psalms Meditation Part 3

    if you press play & watch a bit of my dad’s lecture, you will see an ad interrupt the video. that’s coming from a plugin i am developing called the plugin

    well — when visitors click continue — the video isn’t where it was interrupted, but back at the beginning.

    can your player make it so interrupted videos play where they were before they were cut off by an ad?





    Sorry for the delay, we had a national holiday and we had some time off. I had a look at your page and it seems you use the iframe embed not the JavaScript embed.
    In order to make this work you must use the JavaScript embed which allows you to pause/play the video and also you must avoid making the page refresh itself (which caused the plugin to embed the video again). In my opinion, the only way of doing this is by JavaScript but it also depends how you embed the commercial when you pause the video.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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