Whenever you purchase licenses for CodeFlavors plugins, depending on the package purchased, a number of license keys gets assigned to you. All your license keys can be found in your CodeFlavors account, under Downloads and Licenses.

License keys will be displayed in your account under Active/Downloads and Licenses license keys.

Once activated, a license key will display the time since it was activated and the domain it’s activated on. Also, an active license key can’t be activated on more than one domain.

Migrating a license key from one domain to another

In case you want to migrate a license key from one domain to another (ie. you activated the license key on a demo domain and want to move it on your live website), you must first login on CodeFlavors and navigate to your Active licenses page.

Next to your license key (into the right column) you will notice some statistics and also a deactivation link. Click Deactivate; this will detach the license key on our system from your currently licensed domain.

Next, go to your new website and navigate to the licensing page of the CodeFlavors plugin you’re using. Enter the license key and save the settings. If everything went well, you should notice that the invalid license alert is gone.

Please note: In case you entered the license key while active on a different domain and you got the notice saying that your CodeFlavors license key is invalid, remove the license key from the settings and save with the field being empty and then enter the license key again and save one more time. If even after doing this you see the license notice, please contact us to help you solve the issue.

To contact us you can either fill a support ticket (the preferred, easy way) or use the contact form on CodeFlavors (we’ll require some additional information in this case).

License key expiration

All CodeFlavors license keys expire after 1 year from the date of the purchase. A license key grants you access to updates and priority support. After the 1 year period expires, you have the option to renew your license key.

If a license key expires, the product attached to it will still continue to work without issues but you can’t update to latest version unless you renew the license key.