Starting with version 3.0, Featured Articles PRO received a complete rewrite and functionality for improved performance and to better suit current development standards.
Backwards compatibility is only partial, meaning that the plugin will recognize pre 3.0 sliders, slides and settings but not the slider themes.

This means that after installing version 3.0 you will have to edit all already existing sliders and choose one of the new themes for them.

To upgrade to version 3.0, please follow these steps:

  1. Deactivate your existing Featured Articles PRO plugin.
  2. Install the 3.0+ version on your WP installation.
  3. Activate the new plugin version.
  4. Remove old plugin version from WP plugins folder.

When activating version 3.0, the plugin will convert all your existing sliders and slides to the new version standards so you should have everything in place. Just remember to assign new themes to your existing sliders.

As a note, while we don’t expect anything bad to happen, before upgrading to version 3.0 from previous 2.4.x version we suggest to perform a database back-up in case something goes wrong.