Currently, in Featured Articles PRO there is only one shortcode: fa_slider. Depending on whether you are using the Lite or PRO version of the plugin, the number of parameters that can be set for this shortcode varies. A basic usage for the shortcode is:

[fa_slider id=”slider_ID” singular=”0″ title=”” show_title=”” width=”500″ height=”300″ font_size=”90″ full_width=”1″ top=”10″ bottom=”10″ show_slide_title=”1″ show_content=”1″ show_date=”0″ show_read_more=”1″ show_play_video=”1″ img_click=”1″ auto_slide=”1″]

Shortcode parameters:

id: the post ID for the slider post type that must be displayed;
singular: display the slider everywhere (0) or display it only on single post pages (1);
title: a custom slider title; please note that some slider themes might not use this;
show_title: display the slider title (1) or hide it (0); please note that some slider themes might not use this;
width: slider width;
height: slider height;
font_size: percentual font size;
full_width: allow slider to cover the entire parent element width (1) or not (0);
top: margin from top that the slider should have;
bottom: bottom margin that the slider should have;
show_slide_title: display slides titles (1) or hide them (0);
show_content: display slides content (1) or hide it (0);
show_date: display slide published date (1) or hide it (0);
show_read_more: display slide read more link (1) or hide it (0);
show_play_video: display slide play video link (1) or hide it (0);
img_click: images are clickable (1);
auto_slide: slider will start sliding automatically (1);

To help manage all the above shortcode options, the plugin implements a visual interface when editing posts using the visual editor.

FA Pro shortcode editor icon

After clicking the Featured Articles menu icon, the shortcode editor will open and will allow you to change the shortcode options.

FA Pro shortcode editor form

The only thing left to do is to change the shortcode options and click OK.

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