The slides loop is PHP code used by the plugin to display individual slides within a slider. There are several templating functions implemented by the plugin that must be used within the loop, for example:

While inside the slides loop, you can display other information about each slide by using the appropriate template function or by accessing the post object of the current slide by using function get_current_slide() while the slides loop is running.

How to use the slides loop

The slides loop is designed to be used in Featured Articles slides themes in file display.php. A basic example of the slides loop is:

// start the loop
while( have_slides() ):
	// slide display in here

One thing you should note about the slides loop is that you can use it multiple times into the same display.php file without causing any errors. One case when you could use the loop twice is when you first display the slides and for the second time when you display the individual slides navigation.