Dynamic areas is a feature introduced by WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles PRO to help you publish sliders faster and into the exact place where you want them to be displayed. By using this feature you won’t have to use the manual placement PHP code anymore since Dynamic areas provide the same functionality but in a much more flexible way.
More details can be found on Dynamic areas docs page and How to publish sliders above the page loop.

Before beginning we must warn you that you need to have some basic HTML/PHP knowledge. This tutorial involves modifying your WP theme files which may lead to your website becoming unresponsive or may issue errors.

Step 1: Register a new dynamic area

By default, the plugin implements as dynamic area the . To create additional dynamic areas (ie. to display sliders below the page header), you must first register the new area.

To register a new area, from plugin menu click on Dynamic areas link. Once the page opens, fill the details about your new area into the form available in this page. You will have to provide a name for your area (in this example, we’ll use “Below header”) and optionally a description for your reference.

Featured Articles register dynamic area

Step 2: Copy dynamic area PHP code

After registering the area, it will appear into the page. Next, you will have to copy the area PHP code and place it into your WordPress theme template file where you want it to be displayed.

Featured Articles registered dynamic area code

Step 3: Place dynamic area PHP code into the theme file

Next step is to place the dynamic area code into your template files(s). Depending on where you want to display sliders, the file can he header.php or any other file. You should have some knowledge of WP theme structure.

Step 3: Publish sliders into your new dynamic area

Once registered and having the dynamic area PHP code into place, you can begin publishing sliders using the area you registered. This can be done either from Dynamic areas page or when editing sliders, in panel Slider Output under tab Publish.