WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles allows you to create sliders and choose the slider theme that you want to use for each individual slider. Slider themes are very useful because you can create the display that you want and the slider functionality that you need without having to modify any of the plugin core files.

On a typical WordPress installation, slider themes are located inside plugin folder (relative path for FA PRO: wp-content/plugins/featured-articles-pro-2/themes/).
This setup works great but has a problem is you modify slider themes (ie. by creating new color schemes using the Theme Editor implemented into the plugin): when you update the plugin, you will lose all your modifications.

To avoid this scenario, all you have to do is create an additional slider themes folder and place all themes from within the plugin folder inside it. By taking the slider themes outside the plugin folder you will prevent any modifications to be lost.

Step 1: Create a new themes folder

Best way to do this is by FTP. Using an FTP client (ie. FileZilla), create a new folder in your WP installation wp-content directory (ie. fa-themes).

Please note that your extra themes folder must be inside WP’s wp-content folder.

Step 2: Copy slider themes

Again, using the FTP client, copy all slider themes located in wp-content/plugins/featured-articles-pro-3/themes/ (for FA Lite, path is: wp-content/plugins/featured-articles-lite/themes/) and paste them into the folder you created on step 1.

Step 3: Tell plugin about the move

After creating the external folder and copying all slider themes into it, go to plugin Settings page in WP admin and under tab Themes select your folder name for option Custom themes folder.

Featured Articles set extra slider themes folder

Step 4: Update existing sliders

If you already created sliders before making this modification, in order to have your existing sliders use themes from your new location you will have to edit and save them (you won’t have to modify anything into the sliders settings).

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