CodeFlavors Floating Menu has several options that can be set to change menu behavior in WordPress pages.
These options are available under Appearance->CodeFlavors Menu.

Codeflavors Floating Menu - WP admin menu

Below is the settings page and a description of each available option.

CodeFlavors Floating Menu settings

1. Menu animation – this option changes the behavior of the menu when page is scrolled. There are 2 situations: fixed menu and animated. When choosing fixed option, the menu will stay in one place when page is scrolled; when animated, the menu will move using a smooth animation in the direction the page is scrolled;

2. Menu position – menu can be placed on the leftmost side of the browser window or on the right side;

3. Top distance – this option takes a numeric value equal to the number of pixels the menu should stay from top side of the window;

4. Menu title – by default this option is empty and when left empty, the menu will show by default the links of level 1. When a text is entered, the menu will display only the text and all other links will appear when hovering over the menu.