Before being able to import Vimeo videos, please make sure that you entered the Vimeo oAuth client and secret keys in plugin Settings page under tab API & license. Additionally, you can also authorize the plugin to read your private videos.

To bulk import videos from Vimeo manually, navigate to plugin page Import videos. You will be presented with a form that allows you to query Vimeo for videos:

Vimeo video post bulk import

Feed Type

This option allows you to specify the type of feed you want to retrieve.

Possible options are:

  • search : regular Vimeo search,
  • album : a Vimeo album based on album ID,
  • channel: a Vimeo channel based on channel ID,
  • user uploads: all videos uploaded by a given Vimeo user,
  • group videos: all videos that belong to a Vimeo group,
  • category: videos that belong to a Vimeo category.

Based on the feed type, you may not be presented with the option of ordering the feed results.

Vimeo query

Based on the feed type you choose, in this field you must enter the search query (for searches), album ID (for albums) and so on.

Feed entries order

This field controls the order in which the feed results will be presented to you. Based on the feed type query you choose, you may not have this field for the query you’re conducting.

Once all fields are filled, if the query is successful, you will be taken to a page that will show you all feed results paginated. Form this page you can change the query or start importing videos.

Vimeo video post bulk import search result

When importing videos, you have the option to assign them to an existing category and add tags to them as well as modify the import options for importing titles, description, video date (as published date), user (author) and status. Also, if your theme is compatible with the plugin, you can choose to import the videos as posts compatible with your theme (in this case, the posts won’t have the embed options on post editing since all embedding is managed by your theme).

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