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Featured Articles PRO

  1. Updated slider script to completely remove slide content wrapper if empty.

Featured Articles PRO

  1. Updated Font Awesome to current 4.7.0;
  2. Introduced a new filter "fa-font-awesome-version" which allows changing of Font Awesome version.

Featured Articles PRO

  1. Solves a bug that prevented any slider from being displayed on the blog home page when the page was set from slider settings.

Featured Articles PRO

  1. Solves several WordPress 4.7 compatibility issues.

Featured Articles PRO

  1. Solved a bug that was modifying the original post settings when saving an existing post slide under mixed content;
  2. Added new filter that allows setting of alternative text on slide image.

Featured Articles PRO

  1. Added the possibility to select slider posts by post tags;
  2. Added the possibility to display sliders on tag pages using dynamic areas.

Featured Articles PRO 3.1.5

  1. Complete rewrite of CodeFlavors upgrade class;
  2. More explicit plugin activation errors;
  3. Solved a script slider bug that was ignoring mouse over navigation when set in slider settings;
  4. Solved plugin activation errors if Lite version of the plugin is already installed and activated.

Featured Articles PRO 3.1.4

  1. Implemented new actions ( fapro_after_slide_title_field, fapro_slide_options_fields ) that allow implementation of new fields when editing slides;
  2. Created 2 new templating functions: get_slide_option( $option ) and the_slide_option( $option, $before, $after, $echo_empty, $echo ) that can be used inside the slides loop to display any slide option for the current slide in loop;
  3. Solved a bug that prevented slide custom image from being displayed if image is found in post content;
  4. Added new filter "fa_filter_slider_post_slides" that allows manipulation of resulting slides when displaying sliders;
  5. Updated video modal to close when clicking on the semi transparent background.

Featured Articles PRO 3.1.3

  1. Solved slider theme editor bug that wasn't displaying the settings of different slider sections;
  2. Solved taxonomies table pagination bug;
  3. Solved taxonomies table search bug;
  4. Solved bug that prevented displaying more than 5 sliders in slider widget, plugin Dynamic areas and shortcode.

Featured Articles PRO 3.1.2

  1. Plugin compatible with WordPress 4.3 (scheduled for release on August 18th, 2015);
  2. Modified default slider image size option when using WP sizes from "thumbnail" to "full";
  3. Modified default slide option "Allow slide editing on post edit" from false to true; this will display the slide edit metabox when editing posts;
  4. Added image autodetection in post content even when displaying sliders in front-end;
  5. Added new option in plugin Settings page to prevent image autodetect when displaying sliders;
  6. Refined image detection regexp to include images having only src attribute;
  7. Allow Docs meta box only on custom post type slide edit screen, not all allowed post types;
  8. Solved an error when creating slider from manually selected posts, if deleting all posts from WP the plugin would issue an error;
  9. Prevent 'Auto Draft' to be set as slide title when slide editing is set on posts and pages (from plugin Settings page).

Featured Articles PRO 3.1.1

  1. Solved a bug related to slider expiration time that was using server time instead of WP time and was causing sliders to expire at the wrong time of the day instead of the one set up by the user.

Featured Articles PRO 3.1

  1. Theme Accordion starter script modified to fire on document ready event instead of window load;
  2. Solved a bug in slider script that in some cases was loading wrong image position leaving visible only part of the image;
  3. Introduced a new option for theme Simple that controls if the bar timer should be displayed or not when autoslide is on;
  4. Added new filter "fa-preload-styles" that allows setting of different styling for slider preloaders;
  5. Modified templating function "the_fa_image()" to set class "no-image" on video container if slide doesn't have image but has video attached to it;
  6. Modified slider class to dissalow loading of scripts if slider theme doesn't require them. This can be done by passing the handles used to enqueue scripts: slider, accordion, carousel, jquery-mobile, jquery-transit, round-timer, video-player;
  7. Added a new parameter to templating function "the_fa_video()" that allows displaying of overlay link to trigger video playback;
  8. New option to display slide edit settings on allowed posts edit pages;
  9. Solved a display bug for sliders published into dynamic areas that wasn't displaying correctly the pages where the slider is published in sliders admin table;
  10. Solved a display bug for sliders published into dynamic areas that wasn't displaying correctly the pages where the slider is published in dynamic areas page;
  11. Solved a bug that was displaying sliders if slider created from a post type that used to exist but doesn't at the current time;
  12. Solved a bug that wasn't redirecting correctly and outputted a PHP error when saving plugin settings on some installations;
  13. Added shortcode support for Lite version when upgrading ( FA_Lite shortcode supported );
  14. YouTube Data API V3 support ( also introduces new option in plugin Settings page for API key );
  15. New slider theme based on Nivo Slider script;
  16. Solved a bug in slider theme Navobar navigation;
  17. Brand new video embed script;
  18. New option for theme Simple to adjust the height to each slide content while navigating slides;
  19. Solved complex animations bug;
  20. Added new animation effects.

Featured Articles PRO 3.0.3

  1. lowered z-indexes to maximum value of 3 in scripts and all slider themes CSS;
  2. theme List modified to display content correctly;
  3. theme Navobar was modified to display correctly;
  4. solved bug for themes Accordion and Navobar that was looking for images on wrong address.

Featured Articles PRO 3.0.2

  1. Solved a bug that was removing read more link, link title and image link for slides when a post used as slide was edited and saved and an image was automatically detected into the post contents.

Featured Articles PRO 3.0.1

  1. solved bug for sliders displaying posts ordered by comments;
  2. solved bug for theme Simple that didn't displayed timers correctly for multiple slides in page;
  3. added alert on plugins page to not allow users to activate Lite if PRO is installed and active;
  4. added Settings link to plugin row in Plugins page;
  5. solved an error display bug issued by the plugin when retrieving a non-exitent option from plugin options;
  6. added removal notices in Plugins page for previous versions of Featured Articles below 3.X;
  7. updated upgrade class to remove options set by previous plugin version ( fa_lite_categories, fa_lite_home and fa_lite_pages );
  8. updated shortcode to stop if shortcode runns within a slider to avoid infinite loop;
  9. changed minified starter.js to starter.min.js;
  10. solved bug that was displaying PHP warning when placing sliders into template files by using the PHP code;
  11. added PHP code metabox in slider editing screen.

Featured Articles PRO 3.0

  1. A complete rewrite of Featured Articles 2.X.
  2. Improved video import on slides
  3. Modified interface for better slider management
  4. Sliders created from Media Gallery images
  5. Improved automatic placement
  6. Improved slider themes editor
  7. Rewrite of slider themes and slider script
  8. CSS3 animations
  9. Slider caching for faster page loading.

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