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$ 19
Suitable for personal use
  • Updates for 1 site
  • Unlimited sliders
  • Documentation access
  • One year of support and updates
  • Priority support
  • Forum support


$ 999999
Suitable for developers
  • Updates for unlimited sites
  • Unlimited sliders
  • Documentation access
  • Lifetime support and updates
  • Priority support
  • Forum support

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the plugin requirements?

Featured Articles requires at least WordPress 4.0 and a modern web browser. No support for IE8 or below.

How does support and updates work?

The developer license grands you access to support and updates for the entire lifetime of the product. The other packages will offer you support and updates for 1 year after the purchase date. After one year you have the option to renew your license, otherwise you will lose access to updates and support but you can continue to use the product on your website.

Can I upgrade after the initial purchase?

Yes. License upgrading is quite easy. After your initial purchase, if you want to ugrade, visit this page. All prices will be discounted based on the initial purchase that you made.

Do I get a discount for recurring purchases?

Yes. If, for example, you purchased the Personal package and would like to make a second purchase for any package all prices will be discounted automatically based on the initial purchase value that you made.

What types of payments do you accept?

Currently, the only form of payment we accept is by PayPal. All payments must be made online, we can’t take checks or any other form of payment. Orders are also taken only online, no phone or other way of ordering.

How is priority support provided?

Any purchased product will allow you access to our priority support ticket system. All you need to do is fill a ticket and someone will answer you and help you with your problem. You can also address the forums but it might take a while to get an answer.

How do plugin licenses work?

Once you complete the purchase you’ll be taken to your account and you’ll see a list of license codes and a download link for the plugin. Just install the plugin on your WordPress website, go to plugin page Licensing, enter a license key, save it and you’re done.

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