A list of features present in WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles PRO.

Put your best content in front. The easy way.
Featured Articles PRO Features

Writing high quality content is hard and in time it gets buried under new posts where it gets difficult for your visitors to find it. Making it visible again by bringing it upfront is the best strategy you can apply.

Showcase any post type: Featured Articles PRO allows you to select any post type and filter the selection by its taxonomies and author.

Use videos: Featured Articles PRO allows you to use Vimeo and YouTube videos in slides for an enhanced impact on your readers.

Mix anything: Put any type of content into the same slider. Use pages, posts, custom posts and plugin slides to create unique combinations.

Create image sliders: If you own a photo blog or you use images you can create beautiful, informative sliders to showcase your best work.

Customize content for better impact.
Featured Articles PRO Features

Having the ability to select what information is displayed is a must. Featured Articles PRO allows you to choose between plenty of text options, video option and image options.

Customize text to your liking: Choose exactly what is displayed and how. Hide title or change its color, limit text length to your predefined number of characters, show post publishing date or author name.

Set image details: Make images clickable or preload them. Set their size, put width and height attributes on them or set a default image to be displayed in case a post doesn’t have an image assigned.

Video options: Changed your mind? Want to hide videos? No problem, just change an option and you’re done.

Make your sliders behave.
Featured Articles PRO Features

Choose between 6 default responsive slider themes and for each make size changes to better integrate them with your website.

Responsive slider themes: Featured Articles PRO comes by default with 6 slider themes: Accordion, Cristal, List, Navobar, Simple and Nivo Slider. Switch between them at any time to obtain a different result.

Various layout options: Optimize the display by modifying width or height or by making the display full width. Separate content by setting margins or by centering everything.

Modify animations: Make sliders autoslide or change slide duration and transition effect (among others).

Publish anywhere. Easily.
Featured Articles PRO Features

Use shortcodes or widgets or choose the special functionality implemented by the plugin to publish sliders above the main loop or anywhere else you may want to by inserting a small customization into your theme template files.

Featured Articles PRO – the easiest way to bring your content back to life.