How to customize your WordPress slider content

When creating a featured content slider from WordPress posts, one huge advantage is to customize each slide with its own, unique content. This helps create interest and will make your visitors click and stay longer on your website.

With WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles, all content in slides is taken by default from the actual post title and post content according to your slider text settings. In most cases, this is all that is needed but if you would like to customize each individual slide content in your slider, you can choose to allow slide editing when editing posts.

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How to create a WordPress featured content slider

A WordPress featured content slider is always a very good way of showcasing your most important content in front of your readers. Using WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles, you can create a featured content slider displaying posts and their featured image in less than a minute.

The plugin has all functionality implemented in it so you won’t need to install any extra addons. But let’s just see how easy it easy to create a WordPress featured content slider.

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WordPress slider plugin update – Featured Articles PRO 3.1

We are proud to announce that we released WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles PRO version 3.1 that comes with new features and some bug fixes.

The most notable feature in this version is the third-party slider scripts compatibility that allows you to merge the powerful plugin functionality of selecting WordPress posts to be showcased into WordPress sliders with any jQuery slider script.

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How to create a WordPress slider from custom post type

By default, WordPress slider plugin Featured Articles PRO allows you to create sliders only from regular post types, pages and plugin implemented custom post type slide.
But let’s imagine that your website is using custom post types, like products or testimonials and you want to showcase those into a beautiful WordPress slider.
With Featured Articles you can and the functionality is implemented directly into the plugin so no addon or extra installation needed.

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Featured Articles PRO 3.0 – what’s new?

After almost a half year work, Featured Articles PRO 3.0 is available for download here on CodeFlavors. This version is a complete rewrite of the plugin and we hope you will love it as much as we loved making it.

The general idea of the plugin is pretty much the same as with previous versions, create sliders in WordPress from posts/pages and custom post types and display them anywhere in your website. What comes as a plus is the slider theme editor which is now more like the WordPress theme editor, giving you a live preview of your whole website while you edit a slider theme.

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Vimeo video post 1.3

We’re happy to let you know that an improved version of Vimeo Video PRO was just released.

This version comes with some brand new features and more customization options that allow you to import your favourite Vimeo videos into WordPress.

One of the many features is the custom video embed size. As you may already know, the plugin allowed 2 video formats: 16:9 and 4:3. Now, it also allows 2.35:1 but this is not all. You can also instruct the plugin to embed the videos into your WordPress pages by using the video size retrieved from Vimeo. This means that not matter what size, your videos will be embedded having the perfect size, no black borders or weird sizes.

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