Featured Articles PRO – v.2.4.9

Featured Articles PRO comes with new options, 2 new themes that are video enabled and responsive and an overall improvement regarding user interaction. Below is the complete change log for this version.

  1. Multibyte characters support;
  2. Image preloaders in slideshows (available as option in slideshow administration);
  3. Support for Font Awesome library (if slideshow theme asks for it from theme functions page);
  4. Themes can now manipulate video size to cover the whole slide area if needed;
  5. New options under theme editing to customize the preview;
  6. Compatibility with WPTouch PRO;
  7. Images can now be resized to exact dimensions instead of only using WordPress’s registered sizes;
  8. New template function to display author name in slideshows with or without link to its posts page (includes display option in slideshow editing page);
  9. Touch swipe left/right navigation in slideshows;
  10. 2 new slideshow themes: Accordion and Carousel that are video enabled and responsive;
  11. Subpages in slides (must be allowed by setting a constant inside the plugin internal code).
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Featured Articles PRO 2.4.8

Most important in this update is the HTML5 video players compatibility for Vimeo and YouTube. First, the plugin will try to use the Flash players and in case Flash is not available, it will go for the HTML5 players.

There are some notes though: in Firefox, Vimeo won’t load any videos when using HTML5 player because they use H264 and Firefox doesn’t support it. YouTube also has some limitations that can be found here: YouTube HTML5 Video Player.

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Featured Articles PRO 2.4.7 is available

Minutes ago, Featured Articles PRO 2.4.7 was released. It comes with a few bugs solved (many thanks to our users for announcing us and allowing us to solve them on their test servers) and also, an enhancement in slideshow themes to allow hiding of different content in slides, namely title, date, description and read more link.

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Featured Articles – about help and support

Starting with version 2.4 of FeaturedArticles we’ll release both Lite and PRO versions for the plugin. Lite version will pretty much do all one needs with regard to displaying slideshows. PRO comes with some extra features and most important, priority support.

This is all about how support will be provided to all users for both free and paid version. Support will be offered on forums and support tickets available here on CodeFlavors.com. Any questions being asked on wordpress.org or any other website may either never get answered by our support team or get an answer too late. We won’t answer e-mail requests so please use our forums or the support ticket for asking help.

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