Starting with version 2.4 of FeaturedArticles we’ll release both Lite and PRO versions for the plugin. Lite version will pretty much do all one needs with regard to displaying slideshows. PRO comes with some extra features and most important, priority support.

This is all about how support will be provided to all users for both free and paid version. Support will be offered on forums and support tickets available here on Any questions being asked on or any other website may either never get answered by our support team or get an answer too late. We won’t answer e-mail requests so please use our forums or the support ticket for asking help.

First thing, all written documentation will be freely available for everyone, no fees, no conditions. This means that if, for example, you want to create a theme for Lite version of the plugin, you have (hopefully) all information available right here. All you need to do is get to work. If, while developing a theme, you get yourself into trouble, the only option you have as a user is to address your issue to the forums. Eventually someone will answer your question, you’ll just need to be patient. PRO users will get the benefit of asking questions by using the ticket system and we’ll assist in any way we can with all issues.

Same applies to the plugin itself and compatibility with different themes and plugins out there. Most problems so far were generated by the fact that either the theme or some of the plugins installed are doing things the wrong way. This includes (but it’s not limited) to:

  • Theme doesn’t call wp_footer() in footer.php
  • Theme (or plugin) loads a different jQuery version than the one that comes with WordPress by default
  • Theme (or plugin) doesn’t use the script loading mechanism provided by WordPress
  • Custom slideshow theme doesn’t follow the rules described in tutorials

Usually, you can tell that something is wrong when animations won’t work (ie: click on navigation doesn’t change slide). This is not a FeaturedArticles issue and it requires debugging pages and determine what the problem is. As a Lite user, again, all you can do is ask questions on the forums. We will try and answer those questions but the response time will vary on how busy we’ll be at that moment so you might wait for a while to get an answer. As PRO user, again, the ticket system will allow you to ask questions and get support from our team.

Bottom line is that PRO users will get priority support no matter what the problem regarding FeaturedArticles is. We will try and provide support on forums for Lite version whenever time will allow us to. Bugs of any kind strictly related to FeaturedArticles will be addressed as soon as they are signaled, no matter what version of the plugin (Lite or PRO) you’re using.